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Accounts Payable

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Accounts Payable Features

  • “Notes” for each vendor/subcontractor, including the ability to define and store your information
  • Onetime invoice entry, including retention tracking
  • On-screen inquiry of open invoices
  • Automatic discount percentage and due date
  • Automatic assignment of the purchase account number to improve entry speed
  • Compatibility with handwritten invoices and check entry
  • Automatic posting of transactions to cash management, general ledger, job cost, and equipment cost
  • Ability to put vendors, jobs, and whole or part of invoices on hold before printing checks
  • Alerts for duplicate invoices
  • Processing of credit memos
  • Report writing using Crystal Reports application

Accounts Payable Reports

  • Access to vendor (including subcontractor) information with calendar and fiscal year-to-date totals
  • Computer-printing of 1099s and checks
  • Access to pre-check edit reports
  • Check registers with all checks entered
  • Aging report summarization by vendor, job, or open invoice, including retention tracking
  • Access to job-to-date details of payable costs