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General Ledger

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General Ledger Features

  • Entry of user-defined account numbers
  • On-screen inquiry of accounts
  • Access to general journal files for adjustments and miscellaneous transactions
  • Automatic reversing of entries
  • Automatic application of standard (repeating) entries
  • Percent complete or completed contract accounting method
  • Report writing using Crystal Reports application

General Ledger Reports

  • Access to chart of accounts
  • Access to trial balance
  • Detailed ledger showing each transaction for the period
  • Income statement and balance sheet with options to select:
    • Current period
    • Year-to-date
    • Comparatives to this period last year
    • Comparatives to year-to-date last year
  • Displaying of percentage of total sales calculations on the income statement
  • Displaying of percentage of total assets calculations on the balance sheet
  • Access to year-to-date audit reports showing all transactions posted to an account