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Payroll Features

  • On-screen inquiry of employee information, including calendar and fiscal year-to-date totals
  • Ability to process hourly salary and commission payroll on a weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly basis
  • Onetime employee time card entry, including optional production, billing, and equipment usage entry
  • Calculation and reporting of seven types of payroll overhead:
    • FICA
    • Federal unemployment tax
    • State unemployment tax
    • Union benefits
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Other 1
    • Other 2
  • Indefinite storage of time card and check files
  • Automatic posting of checks to employee records and cash management
  • Automatic posting and reporting of labor and labor burden costs to the general ledger and job cost
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Payroll Reports

  • Access to employee information, including year-to-date earnings, taxes, and deductions
  • Time card editing by employee or job
  • Computer-printing of checks and check register
  • Weekly state and federal-certified job (HUD WH-347)
  • Access to monthly union summary
  • Access to monthly workers’ compensation
  • Quarterly and year-to-date check ledgers listing all checks paid to an employee
  • Quarterly 941A detail, federal unemployment tax, and state unemployment tax reports
  • Annual W-2 form printing and summary